Tutoring Platform

The Go-Lab Tutoring Platform (tutoring.golabz.eu) is the main address for you as a Go-Lab teacher when seeking support and help. The community and support center aims at assisting you in your activities concerning the Go-Lab project, the Go-Lab Portal, Inquiry Learning Spaces, inquiry apps and online labs. Using the Platform, you can exchange know-how and ideas, help other Go-Lab users and stay in touch.  You are also welcome to consult experts from the project consortium and receive support in a scheduled video session.

By making use of the search bar, certain experts, colleagues or collaboration partners can be found. Project consortium members, scientists and experienced teachers belong to the population of experts. Moreover, you can become an expert by offering support and help on the platform in the areas you have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience.

The experts are available for questions concerning all the tools of the Go-Lab Portal. Also, they play a supportive role for any idea you may have. By scheduling online sessions, a video conference is taking place between you and the expert clarifying all subjects necessary.  You can rate the experts and leave comments on their pages after a tutoring session, to make it easier for other users to choose an expert in a certain subject.

On the platform, a list of recorded webinars and tutoring sessions about using Go-Lab is displayed, to which you can listen if you could not attend a session. You are also welcome to share and discuss your ideas and questions with the community in the discussion forum.