weSPOT Project


Open Universiteit Nederland
Valkenburgerweg 177
6419 AT Heerlen

Contact Person: 

Marcus Specht


Partner Telephone: 

+31 45 576 2806

Partner Fax: 

+31 45 576 2800

weSPOT (Working Environment with Social and Personal Open Tools for inquiry-based learning) is a project funded by the European Commission focusing on inquiry-based learning with a theoretically sound and technology supported personal inquiry approach. It aims at promoting the combination of science learning and teaching with today’s curricula and teaching methods. weSPOT allows students and young adults between 12 and 25 years old to learn in a more interactive, exploring way that can keep them motivated by their own curiosity and contemplation, helping them to develop personal knowledge and collaborative sense-making and reasoning.

The project is expected to become a European reference model for inquiry skills and inquiry work flows and lead to a diagnostic instrument to measure inquiry skills, as well as develop supporting tools for inquiry workflows with mobile apps, learning analytics support, and social collaboration on scientific inquiry. Also, it is supposed to get social media integration and viral marketing of scientific inquiry that can be linked to school legacy systems and an open badge system.

The collaboration between Go-Lab and weSPOT consists of organizing joint events and exchanging software tools and best practices. Go-Lab inquiry tools are integrated into the weSPOT platform. As a result, teachers and students using the weSPOT inquiry space now have access to the widgets developed by the GoLab project for inquiry-based learning. These tools include a concept mapper, a hypothesis builder, a data viewer, and more.