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2311TX Leiden

Contact Person: 

Nicole Sentse


Partner Telephone: 

+31 6 48268645

TEMI (Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated) is a science education project addressed to secondary school teachers, funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). It aims to help transform science and mathematics teaching practice across Europe by giving teachers new skills to engage with their students, exciting new resources and the extended support needed to effectively introduce inquiry based learning into their schools.

In order to achieve this, TEMI collaborates with European teacher training institutions and teacher networks where they wish to implement innovative training programmes called ‘inquiry labs’. These are based around the core scientific concepts and emotionally engaging activity of solving mysteries, like for instance exploring the unknown. The inquiry labs are used by scientists and communication professionals to mentor teachers through their transition to use inquiry for teaching science.

TEMI follows a clear definition of inquiry in terms of a cognitive skillset, and sets out a stepwise progression to push students towards becoming confident enquirers. The project pays equal attention to the emotional side of learning. They try to help teachers to foster a deep motivation to learn, by emphasising the sense of mystery, exploration and discovery that is at the core of all scientific practice.

The projects Go-Lab and TEMI cooperate with the aim to promote software tools, lesson plans, and other resources interesting and relevant for science teachers.