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STEMfinity Office


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+1 800-985-7836

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+1 888-557-7836

Stemfinity is a platform for great STEM Resources available for Grades PreK-12. They provide project-based tools, over 10.000 affordable hands-on enrichment kits with curriculum to teach PreK-12 students Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), Robotics, Electronics, Alternative Energy, RC, Rockets and beyond. Using STEMfinity’s educational kits, students can develop outstanding skills in different science subjects learning by experiencing science through hands-on projects. Moreover, this way they get inspired to pursue a STEM career in their future and develop passion for STEM Education.

 STEMfinity is fully committed to collaborate with Go-Lab by providing wide-ranging access to Go-Lab tools and the portal on their website. With this collaboration, they help to strengthen the students’ interest and consolidate their competence in science using new developed techniques and tools developed within the Go-Lab project.