Univerzita Tomáše Bati Zlín
Nad stráněmi 4511
760 05 Zlín
Czech Republic

Contact Person: 

Prof. Dr. František Schauer


The Remote Laboratory Management System (RLSM), REMLABNET, is an administrative system for remote laboratories which development is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ing. Franz Schauer (Faculty of Applied Informatics Tomas Bata University, Zlín, Czech Republic). The system is a new tool for the use of Information and Communication Technologies in experimental laboratory practice. Its main goal is integrating and managing remote experiments to support university level and secondary schools at EU.

Its functionality is versatile - from conducting individual remote diagnostics experiments through finding communication participants and creating research groups, up to gathering materials for each remote experiment. A significant feature is the evaluation of the general log data and experimental data, which enables the study of the effectiveness function of experiments and the development of refinements.

Besides connection and diagnostics services, the communication server provides services for the teachers, such as white board, VoIP, simulation inclusion, test management and reservation management.

Go-Lab has established cooperation with RemLabNet and will integrate one of their online labs into the Go-Lab Repository to make it accessible to the Go-Lab users. They will be able to insert it in their Inquiry Learning Spaces together with other learning materials for their students.