Prof. Dr. Marcus Specht


Open University of Netherlands
Valkenburgerweg 177
6419 AT Heerlen


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Prof. Dr. Marcus Specht is a Professor for Advanced Learning Technologies at the Open University of the Netherlands and he is currently heading the CELSTEC Learning Technology Labs. In 1995 he received a Diploma in Psychology and a Dissertation from the University of Trier in 1998 on adaptive information technology. Also, he used the opportunity to get involved in several national and international research projects on open educational content, competence based lifelong learning, personalized information support and contextualized systems.

From 1998 until 2001 he worked as a senior researcher at the GMD research center on HCI and mobile information technology and in 2001 he headed the department “Mobile Knowledge” at the Frauenhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT). Starting in 2005, Prof. Specht was Associated Professor at the Open University of the Netherlands and he was working on competence based education, learning content engineering and management, and personalization for learning. 2008 he received a full position as Professor for Advanced Learning Technologies at the Educational Technology Expertise Centre of the Open University of the Netherlands. (Also he is a member of ACM, IEEE, a member of SIKS and ICO research schools in the Netherlands and he is also an Apple Distinguished Educator.)

Currently Prof. Specht is working on Mobile and Contextual Learning Technologies, Learning Network Services, and Social and Immersive Media for Learning.