PhET Interactive Simulations


PhET Interactive Simulations
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0390
United States

Contact Person: 

Oliver Nix


PhET is an Interactive Simulations Project of the University of Colorado, United States. It is a platform which provides a collection of hundreds of highly interactive, research-based simulations and online labs for teaching and learning science. The resources are appropriate to complete the learning material of grade schools as well as of colleges from all over the world. They are free to use online or to download on your computer for later working on.

The interactivity of the simulations and online labs should capture the students’ interest and keep them engaged in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and earth science due to the ability to discover things for themselves. The tools give the students a new perspective about science and make them understand how it affects the real world around them. The PhET Interactive Simulations can be used as a teaching tool in school or as an instrument for self-study at home. Additionally, they are really flexible and easy to use.

The PhET Interactive Simulations Project collaborates with the Go-Lab Project providing diverse online labs to be integrated into the Go-Lab Portal. They enrich the variety of learning tools of Go-Lab from which its users will benefit while using them in the classroom.