Open Discovery Space Project


INTRASOFT International S.A.
2b rue Nicolas Bove
1253 Luxembourg

Contact Person: 

Antonis Ramfos


Partner Telephone: 

+352 44 10 12 2186

The Open Discovery Space (ODS) project offers an open innovation and collaboration platform and services, thus playing a key role in supporting the take-up and use of digital educational resources in schools. In parallel, ODS revolutionises communities of practice in eLearning, offering them the opportunity to pedagogically utilise needed educational content and tools. Open Education Resources (OER) can be used to create, co-create, use, re-use, share and retrieve content. Furthermore, ODS provides helpful solutions addressing potential digital barriers through networking and further collaboration among K-12 stakeholders (teachers, learners, parents, content and technology providers, and policy makers).


  • An accessible open collection of 807,347 Open Educational Resources from many renewable repositories for several cognitive domains;
  • Creation of and collaboration within 530 Learning Communities of teachers for different cognitive interests;
  • Participation of 2,756 schools in the ODS network;
  • Connection with 7,535 teachers from all over Europe.

The ODS and Go-Lab projects entered cooperation in order to better address science teachers' need for innovative technologies and new pedagogical approaches. Go-Lab and its resources for teachers will be represented in the ODS community. Moreover, each year Go-Lab and ODS organise a joint Summer School in Greece, where science teachers are trained in applying new teaching techniques and using web-based tools to support these.