The King's Center for Visualization in Science


The King's Center for Visualization in Science
9125 - 50 Street
Edmonton, AB T6B 2H3

Contact Person: 

Brian Martin


The King’s Centre for Visualization in Science (KCVS) is a research centre of The King’s University College in Alberta, Canada. The centre provides high quality applications and interactive, web-based teaching materials to develop innovative ways for the visualization of science. KCVS tries to make the invisible visible to enhance the understanding of science. To achieve this, KCVS offers a wide range of free virtual laboratories about topics like global climate change, astronomy, chemistry, or mathematical modeling.

The KCVS has established collaboration with the Go-Lab Project offering some virtual labs for the integration into the Go-Lab Repository.  For example, the visualization “Cloud Chamber” can be integrated in Go-Lab’s Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) and complemented by videos and other resources in order to develop new learning activities. These activities can include identifying and counting particles, measuring the particles’ energy, and discovering cosmic particles in a magnetic field of a cloud chamber.