Inspiring Science Education


INTRASOFT International S.A.
2b rue Nicolas Bove
1253 Luxembourg

Contact Person: 

Antonis Ramfos


Partner Telephone: 

+352 44 10 12 2186

Inspiring Science Education project provides digital resources and opportunities for teachers to make science education more attractive and relevant for their students. Through the Inspiring Science Education website and the activities organised by the project partners, teachers can help students make their own scientific discoveries, witness and understand natural and scientific phenomena, and access the latest interactive tools and digital resources from within their classrooms.

In scope of activities organised by the project, teachers are able to access interactive simulations, educational games and eScience applications and integrate them with extra-curricular activities, such as field trips to science centres and discovery parks, as well as virtual visits to research centres. Teachers also have the possibility to access remote and online labs, and relevant scenarios for their use in the classroom. Students are inspired to use eTools and digital resources to learn STEM subjects in a practical, competitive and exciting way.

The cooperation between Go-Lab and Inspiring Science Education aims at supporting school teachers in finding and using online laboratories, learning applications, and other educational resources by creating meaningful pedagogical scenarios and implementing them in the classroom activities together with their students.