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Agueda Gras


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EUN Partnership AISBL (European Schoolnet, short name “EUN”) is a unique not-for-profit consortium of 34 Ministries of Education in Europe created in 1997. EUN provides major European education portals for teaching, learning and collaboration and leads the way in bringing changes in school education by means of the new technologies. Since its establishment, EUN has been at the forefront in supporting the European dimension in schools. This goal is achieved through multiple projects, competitions, activities, communication and information exchange at all levels of school education using innovative technologies. EUN’s  work  is  organized  in  three  strands  corresponding  to  its  core  objective of supporting the efficient use of ICT in education: school networking and practice, knowledge building and exchange on ICT, as well as interoperability and content exchange.

European Schoolnet is involved in a large number of science education programs for schools including: Xperimania (aiming to enhance awareness, understanding and interest in chemistry and materials’ science), FuturEnergia (energy consumption and climate change), e-Twinning(Europe's largest educational initiative with over 70,000 schools registered from 32 European countries),  ECB (European Coordinating Body in Maths, Science and Technology Education), Pathway (The Pathway to Inquiry Based Science Teaching), GLOBAL excursion (Extended Curriculum for Science Infrastructure Online), and many others.

In Go-Lab, EUN leads the WP8 (Validation and Evaluation). EUN also participates in the WP1 (Curriculum Analysis) and is responsible for the selection of the Pilot Schools in scope of the WP7. EUN will act as National coordinator of the project’s implementation in Belgium. During the project Phase C, EUN will coordinate the pilot activities in Italy and Poland.

Showcase 1: UniSchooLabs Project

European Schoolnet has been involved in the UniSchoolLabs project, which aims to improve the quality of science education in Europe by promoting collaboration among universities and schools by providing remote access to science laboratories via Internet-based services and mobile learning devices to primary and secondary schools. This allows access to science experiments that otherwise would not be possible, because of the difficult or fragmented access to the science laboratories in schools (especially those based in rural areas), the obsoleteness of much of the equipment, and the limited range of possible experiments. The pedagogical approaches and scenarios developed by the project are based on inquiry-based learning and problem-solving approaches, in which the learners are gathering knowledge by doing and by enquiring (science experiments) both in real and virtual settings.

Showcase 2: GLOBAL Excursion Project

The GLOBAL excursion project introduces e-infrastructures to educators and students. The main purpose of the GLOBAL excursion project is to enable students and teachers access to the experimental laboratories and resources of selected e-Infrastructures, towards the goal of improving science curricula by enriching school’s existing teaching and learning materials. The main access point here is the GLOBAL Virtual Science Hub – “ViSH”. It contains a selection of e-Infrastructures, and a social network, where scientists, teachers and students exchange and establish collaborations, and a virtual excursion room, where students are able to experience real e-science applications in areas of high relevance for the future, such as nano- and biotechnologies.