Dr. Sylvia Peters


Stichting Kennisnet
Paletsingel 32
2718 NT Zoetermeer


Partner Telephone: 

+31 800 3212233

Partner Fax: 

+31 79 321 2322

After the studies of educational psychology and neuropsychology at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, she worked as an educational consultant in a co-founded Educational Psychology Consultancy Center of the department of psychology at Tilburg University. This was combined with interdisciplinary research at the University of Nijmegen which resulted in a PhD from the University of Nijmegen on the topic of developmental consequences of otitis media with effusion and later educational attainment in 1997. Then, Dr. Peters worked as a researcher and developer at the National Center for Language Education, related to the University of Nijmegen, on different topics as assessment and evaluation and early childhood education. She became a program director of different programs and in these programs they also focused on national teacher training programs.

In 2006 Dr. Peters worked at the ‘Platform Beta Techniek’, at that time a national center for the development of science and technology education. She was responsible for a nationwide R&D project on the development of Science and Technology in primary education and teacher training programs, including the setting up of six Expertise Centers of Science and Technology related to different universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. After this program, she worked at the national center for IT in education Kennisnet as a coordinator of research projects.

At this moment, Dr. Peters works at Kennisnet as an editor for 4W, Knowing What Works and Why, an online science based paper on IT in education.

This year, Dr. Peters started with an educational training center for online learning, Eduseries.  Her opinion is that the use of online labs is a very inspiring and engaging development and she is highly motivated to get involved as an advisor of Go-Lab.