The Concord Consortium


The Concord Consortium
East Coast Office
25 Love Lane
Concord, MA 01742
United States

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Concord Office


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+1 978-405-3200

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+1 978-405-2076


The Concord Consortium is a non-profit educational research and development organization from Concord, Massachusetts, United States. Their technology laboratory provides a variety of innovative tools for digital learning in science, mathematics and engineering to improve future education of students, researchers, software developers and teachers. The hundreds of resources are free, research-based and appropriate for nearly every grade level. These include numerous online labs, hands-on activities, interactive simulations, experiments, models and software tools on different STEM topics.

The technology resources of the Concord Consortium help students to learn better, stay motivated and get the “Aha-Moment” in STEM lessons. They make the invisible things visible and complex concepts understandable. Furthermore, they foster the development of innovative workforce and shape the students’ critical thinking to be able to solve everyday problems.

The Concord Consortium is one of the external partners of Go-Lab providing several online labs for the integration in the Go-Labz Repository. Go-Lab users will benefit from their resources because these are free to use or to integrate in own Inquiry Learning Spaces.