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Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
Information Technologies Institute
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Demetrios G. Sampson


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The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) is a National Research Centre operating under the supervision of the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology. It was founded in March 2000 and its mission is to carry out basic and  applied  research  with  emphasis  to  new  products  and  services  with  industrial, economic and social impact. CERTH is listed among the leading European research organisations based on European Research Ranking. The Information Technologies Institute (ITI) was founded in 1998 and since March 2000 it has been a founding member of CERTH. The Advanced Digital Systems and Services for Education and Learning (ASK) at ITI-CERTH was founded in 2000. It is a research establishment that conducts interdisciplinary applied research in Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) and Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL).

Current research activities of ASK focus on: Cloud Computing for Open Educational Resources and Practices, Context-Aware Adaptive and Personalized Mobile Learning, Web 2.0 and Social Computing for Learning, Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning, 3D Virtual Worlds in Real Education, as well as Learning Technologies for People with Disabilities. ASK has demonstrated strong evidence of international research leadership playing the key role in the design and implementation of international initiatives with high research impact, such as the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology (IEEE TCLT), the Educational Technology & Society (ET&S) Journal, the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, and the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT).

ASK members have published 279 scientific publications in book chapters, journals and conference proceedings, received seven Best Paper Awards in international conferences on ALT, delivered 42 Keynote Speeches in conferences, and edited five books published by Springer Series Learning & Instruction. ASK has an extensive experience in leading European research initiatives and large scale mainstreaming projects participating so far in 40 R&D projects. More specifically, ASK has been involved in the design and development of science education digital content repositories (e.g. COSMOS, Open Science Resources, and Open Discovery Space), mobile learning tools design and development (e.g. LLP SMILE and MW-TELL), as well as adaptive and personalized learning research (e.g KOD, iCLASS, and TenCompetence).

In  Go-Lab,  ASK at ITI-CERTH  is  involved  in  the  development  of  the  Go-Lab Inventory of Online Labs  (WP2),  the development of the Cloud Services of the Go-Lab Infrastructure (WP4), the development of  Go-Lab Portal (WP5), as well as in the Dissemination and Exploitation work (WP9).

Showcase 1: ASK Learning Designer Toolkit 2.0

ASK has developed ASK Learning Designer Toolkit 2.0 (ASK LDT 2.0), a web-based graphical tool that facilitates creation of educational scenarios based on the interconnection of learning activities following the IMS Learning Design Specification (IMS LD) Level A and Level B. Previous customized versions of ASK-LDT 2.0 has been used by: (a) 650 Science Education Teachers in COSMOS Portal for developing Science Education Scenarios based on Reference Generic Science Education Pedagogical Templates (b) 60 Language Learning Trainers in Mobile2Learn Portal for developing Mobile Courses based on reference Generic Mobile Course Templates (suitable for Language Learning) and (c) 70 Disabled People Trainers in eAccess2Learn Portal for developing Training Courses based on reference Generic Training Course Templates (suitable for Disabled People Training).

Showcase 2: Mobile2Learn Repository

ASK has developed the Mobile2Learn Repository, which includes Learning Objects (LOs) and Courses suitable for Mobile Assisted Language Learning. It enables search and retrieval of mobile assisted Language Learning LOs and Courses and facilitates storage of them along with their educational metadata conformant with IEEE LOM Standard. Mobile2Learn repository is an OAI-PMH compliant repository and its metadata can be harvested by OAI-PMH harvesters. Mobile2Learn Repository provides also access to a native application for mobile devices, which facilitates the delivery of mobile courses via smartphone devices. Finally, Mobile2Learn Repository includes 719 LOs suitable for Mobile Assisted Language Learning (in the form of flash files), 132 mobile Courses (in the form of Learning Design Packages), and has 1,027 registered users.