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The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1995 and currently offers 30 study programs educating almost 2000 full- and part-time students. Through constant further development of the degree programs at CUAS and intensive cooperation with the worlds of business and science, people studying at the university can be certain of a forward-looking education with its finger on the pulse of time. CUAS lives the vision of direct practical experience. Full- and part-time lecturers, as well as guest speakers from industry and business ensure an interdisciplinary, internationally oriented education. Degree programs are offered in the fields of civil engineering and architecture, engineering, as well as management, healthcare and social issues.

The education quality is emphasized through the development of innovative teaching and learning methods, such as blended learning offering students and professors greater flexibility in the creation of a suitable learning environment. Further, CUAS is involved in several projects on eLearning. The institute's research focus is on applied research and development in the areas of microelectronics, systems integration, and Technology Enhanced Learning (Center of Competence “Online Laboratories").The team was involved in numerous national and EU funded projects in the field of Online Labs and offers expertise especially in the field of hybrid online laboratories, ontologies for online laboratories and semantic repositories for learning resources.

Within the Go-Lab project the team of CUAS contributes especially to the Go-Lab Infrastructure (WP4), Go-Lab Portal (WP5), Community building and Support (WP6), as well as Dissemination and Exploitation (WP9). CUAS will act as National Coordinator of the project’s implementation in Austria.

Showcase 1: Lab2go Online Labs Repository

In the scope of a EU funded project Ontowiki (Semantic Collaboration for Enterprise Knowledge Management, E-Learning and E-Tourism), CUAS developed an online repository offering a common framework to collect and describe laboratory data from different laboratory providers located all over the world. This turned out to be necessary to continually foster the development of laboratories and exchange of knowledge among interested parties. The Web Portal hosts information about current research projects, researchers, organisations, and existing state of the art technologies in order to strengthen the collaboration in this field of science. One objective of the platform is the improvement of the search process for online laboratories with the use of Semantic Web technologies. This kind of description enables new ways for the implementation of search mechanisms like facet based browsing, which allows the user to search information according to the properties of a special object. Furthermore it is possible to query resources based on specific criteria (

Showcase 2: iLab Europe Network

Started as an initiative from CUAS, iLab Europe Network now has six partners throughout Europe who agreed to share their online experiments within the network. The software architecture used to maintain the lab sessions, schedule services, and store experiment data, is the iLab Shared Architecture (ISA) developed by the MIT. ISA has an important characteristic, namely its distributed topology, which makes it the ideal solution for the implementation of such a network of interconnected online experiment. Each institution member of the network is expected to setup one service broker and deliver at least one experiment via this server. This means that it is up to the institution to decide which of its labs will be available to the other network members.