Cooperation with Go-Lab

Our goal is to build strong connection between science and education, creating a unique way to make learning more effective by providing schools, teachers and students with the necessary tools. The Go-Lab project offers possibilities to online lab providers to publicize their remote and virtual laboratories and to educational providers (schools, but also universities and other educational institutions) to enrich their programs by making them more interactive and modern.

We are delighted to welcome you in our community and we would be pleased to cooperate with your organization to achieve our common goal!

If you are an online lab owner, by providing access to your online laboratory via the Go-Lab Portal you can benefit in many ways simultaneously: reaching a broader range of stakeholders, gaining awareness in the scientific and practitioner community, reaching greater prominence, connecting with other institutions and organizations, and exchanging information and resources with our partners.

If you are an educational provider, you may extend existent and create new training programs with inquiry learning activities, enrich your virtual learning environment with remote and virtual labs, and provide your students with practice-oriented, individualized and exiting learning experience.

We are glad to offer you access to the Go-Lab Portal and any kind of information and personal support. A research cooperation and further support can also be proffered.

If you are interested or require more information on the project, our operations, the cooperation partners or any other subject, please feel free to contact us!