Our Solution

The Go-Lab Project offers a federation of remote laboratories, virtual experiments, and data-sets (together referred to as “online labs”), as well as facilities to embed these online labs in pedagogically structured learning spaces by teachers. Go-Lab leverages on existing online lab repositories and increases their accessibility by offering lightweight end-user interfaces.

Go-Lab’s online labs are fit to be integrated into regular classroom activities. To facilitate this process, Go-Lab offers pedagogical and technical plug (ease of integration), play (ease of use), and share (ease of consolidation) methodologies and infrastructures to teachers

  • to guide the preparation of inquiry activities by the facility to compose dedicated learning spaces,
  • to access resources that facilitate the design of realistic and engaging activities,
  • and to adopt, enrich, and/or modify these activities through an online community.

Go-Lab’s resources come from large scientific organisations, from universities and research institutions, as well as from dedicated companies. Go-Lab offers these lab-owners pen interfacing solutions to easily plug their real experiments online and construct their virtual didactic counterparts, increases visibility and attraction of the online labs, and provides unique opportunities for stimulating dialogue between (young) scientists and students.