Workshops on the "Big Ideas of Science" took place in Bulgaria and UK

  • Pilot activities

Last April and May Ellinogermaniki Agogi together with the University of South Wales and NUCLIO organized two workshops in Bulgaria and United Kingdom. In both workshops the Go-Lab project and the Go-Lab Portal were presented and the teachers were introduced to the "Big Ideas of Science" as a method for organization of inquiry learning activities in the class. Furthermore, the teachers had the opportunity to get familiar with the Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) and online labs as well as with these "Big Ideas of Science" to be clear how they can be explained to the students.

The set of "Big Ideas of Science" used in Go-Lab consist of the following statements:

These "Big Ideas" are important for teachers to represent connection between different subjects the students are taught at school. In order to support teaching with the "Big Ideas of Science", each online lab and ILS in the Go-Lab Repository is assigned to one or more "Big Ideas". Thus, the teachers can search for online labs and ILSs explaining particular concepts and create lesson plans centered around these concepts and employing appropriate online labs.

To learn more about the "Big Ideas of Science" and find tools for your class, visit the Go-Lab Repository: