Teacher Training in Cyprus

  • Past Events

At the beginning of September, the Go-Lab Project held some teacher training activities in Nicosia, Cyprus. The event was a part of a two-day training program, organized by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. During this program, the teachers of the public primary schools had the opportunity to participate in a seminar of their choice, among a variety of subjects. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Pedagogical Institute, a seminar had been offered entitled “New Technologies in Science Learning – The Go-Lab and the potentials it offers for the integration of online labs in science teaching”.

The first session of the seminar involved an ice-breaking activity, since the participants were coming from different schools of Nicosia. During this activity, they had the opportunity to get to know each other and to share their experiences on science teaching, emphasizing the needs and difficulties they usually meet in class. Thereafter, they were introduced to the Go-Lab project and inquiry learning. At the end of the first session, a short demonstration of the Go-lab Portal was done, which focused on its content and on how to search among online labs, apps and inquiry spaces in Golabz.

The second session of the seminar took place in a computer laboratory and the teachers worked in small groups, in order to explore the Go-Lab Portal themselves and try out online labs and apps. After that, they went through an ILS (“How are the light fixtures in a house connected?”) in Greek and completed its activities. During this sequence of activities, the teachers had the opportunity to interact with each other and share their thoughts about the inquiry processes and Go-Lab tools. After the completion of the ILS, they had been introduced to the Graasp authoring environment. Later, the participants created an account in order to try as many options as they could (e.g., create an ILS, add items, share a space, etc.). At the end of the seminar, the teachers reflected on what they had learned and shared their thoughts about using Go-Lab in the future.