Register now for the 4th run of our Go-Lab MOOC!

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From yesterday on, we started a fourth run of our Go-Lab Online Course “Using online labs in the classroom: an introductory course for teachers”! Register now at the OpenCourseWorld-platform and learn about how to integrate inquiry-based learning in your classroom!

The course introduces inquiry learning techniques and their use in school education, provides guidance on how to create inquiry-based lesson plans and implement them in Inquiry Learning Spaces, and gives detailed information on the use of specific online labs, such as HYPTIA, the Faulkes Telescope, Sun4All, and others. So, there is everything you need to know to get started!

The online course contains six learning modules and has a planned duration of six weeks (from 19th of September to 31st of October 2016). However, you may subscribe to the course any time and study in your own tempo. If completing at least five learning modules, you will receive a certificate from Go-Lab. All the material will be available for you even after the official course end. Start your experience with Go-Lab - Join us now!