Inquiry Learning with Online Labs and Mobile Apps

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The workshop “Inquiry Learning with Online Labs and Mobile Apps” will be held on July 8th in scope of the 11th JTEL Summer School on Ischia, Italy, organised by the Go-Lab partners EPFL and IMC together with the weSPOT project represented by the Open University, UK.

The Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) approach enables students to take the role of an explorer and scientist going through the whole inquiry process starting with orientation and formulating research questions, over experimentation and gathering data, up to analysing collected data, checking previously formulated hypotheses, and drawing conclusions. The possibility to undertake experimentation, independently formulate and solve research tasks, stimulates students’ curiosity about scientific phenomena and motivates them to engage in scientific topics. IBL allows gathering structured knowledge in a subject domain and acquiring skills and competences in the field of research activities.

This workshop will enable students to understand how to perform inquiry-based learning activities both using web-based online labs and supporting applications, but also out in the field with help of mobile apps. For this purpose, the workshop will present the results of two European projects: Go-Lab and weSPOT. During the workshop, participants will use the Go-Lab Portal and online labs to create their own Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILS) and share them with other Go-Lab users. The participants will also use the weSPOT Inquiry Space to create and share scientific inquiries using mobile technology. Finally, the workshop participants will discuss their experience with experts and receive answers to all their questions.