News: January 2015

Teacher training taking place in Cyprus!

The teacher training sessions held in Cyprus aimed to inform in-service teachers about the Go-Lab project and familiarize them with its features. During the first session of the seminar, teachers were introduced in the main tasks to be undertaken within the frame of the Go-Lab project and inquiry-based learning.

Go-Lab Tutoring Platform – join the Community and get support from the Go-Lab experts!

You seek support on using Go-Lab? Or you have some great ideas that you would like to share with other teachers? You get a bit confused about the Go-Lab Repository or the labs? Or you have questions about the Inquiry Learning Spaces? Then we have a great new solution for you: The Go-Lab Tutoring Platform.

Go-Lab Summer School 2015 in Attica, Greece

Take your chance and learn Go-Lab in a closer environment by participating in the Go-Lab Summer School 2015 in Attica, Greece, from July 12th until July 17th, 2015.