Option for logging in

When you create an ILS you can choose if and how your students need to log in to enter the ILS. Go to the sharing menu of your ILS in the authoring environment Graasp.

Here you can find the standalone view setting. Below the option to choose a language, you find the options for logging in.

There are three options. The first one, ‘username only’, means that students only have to enter a nickname to access the ILS.  If you choose the option ‘username and password’, students do not only enter a nickname but also a password to log in the ILS. This makes it harder for students to enter the ILSs of other students and prevents problems with similar nicknames. In both cases, if the student logs in the ILS later using the same credentials (i.e. respectively nickname or nickname and password), the work saved in the previous sessions will be displayed (e.g., hypothesis created, text written in the wiki or the input boxed, files uploaded, etc.).  In the same way, the resources generated by the students will be accessible to the teacher. The last option, ‘anonymous’, allows you to share the ILS without requiring a nickname. It should be noticed that, in this mode, neither the students will be able to recover the work done, nor the teacher will be able to know who used the ILS.