Naming of the inquiry phases

The Go-Lab inquiry cycle has a number of phases for which we have chosen names that characterize the main cognitive activities for students. The Go-Lab names are:  Orientation, Conceptualisation, Investigation, Conclusion, and Discussion. The Conceptualisation, Investigation and Discussion phase can be divided in several sub phases. The next table displays a short description of the different phases.

Orientation First conjectures; What is this about?
Conceptualisation Theory; What do you think?
  Question Issue; Challenge
  Hypothesis Idea; Proposition
Investigation Study
  Exploration Play around
  Experimentation Research
  Data Interpretation What do I see?
Conclusion Decision; Result
Discussion Dialogue; Deliberation
  Reflection Consideration
  Communication How to tell someone else?











Students can go through these phases one by one, starting with Orientation and ending with the Discussion phase, but they can also take different routes and go back and forward between phases. The diagram below shows several possibilities. 

Using the Go-Lab authoring system Graasp, you can change the order of the phases and delete or add phases to meet your specific wishes. The names of the phases can be changed and adapted as well, allowing you to use terminology more familiar to your students. Make sure to adapt any of academic language within the phases as well, to match your students understanding. You can change the name of a phase in Graasp by clicking the name and typing the new name. Confirm by clicking the check mark.