Monitor students’ learning to estimate how much time is needed for inquiry instruction

Open-ended inquiry takes longer than structured and guided inquiry, and is most appropriate for students already comfortable with completing inquiry activities. For novice learners, it is useful to adapt an ILS to fit the time constraints of a classroom lesson. To determine which parts of an ILS may take too long for beginners, then it is useful for a teacher to use the Go-Lab learning analytics apps to monitor the progress of students, and if a section is found to take too long, then revise it appropriately. See the Student Time Spent app.

The Go-Lab environment offers teachers unique learning analytics apps to monitor the real-time progress of students, as well as easily visualise the recorded actions of students after they have finished working with an ILS. Using these apps can help teachers quickly identify students who need support and feedback during in-class Go-Lab activities (e. g. a student is spending too much time on a particular task and has not moved on to the next step).