Make students aware of the fact that there is no ‘correct’ answer’

For many students the inquiry approach is new. In traditional education, there is usually one good answer to a question. Often students also learn only one procedure to arrive at this correct answer. When they follow the procedure, and arrive at the correct answer, they know they have done well. With inquiry learning there is not just one ‘correct’ answer and there are many routes a student can take towards an answer. For many students, this is confusing. Students need to understand that there is not one way to go about an investigation. It is important to explain this to them extensively. Make clear that it doesn't matter whether their hypothesis is true or false, if it is well formulated. Explain that there is not a fixed number of experiments that they have to carry out, as long as they do enough to validate their hypothesis. Explain that there is not one way to design a good experiment, as long as they make sure the experimental design is sound. Students really have to change their way of thinking.