Give feedback to individual students

The “Teacher feedback” app allows you to give feedback to individual students.


You place the app next to the app you like to comment on when the lessons is over. For example you place it after the Concept Mapper where students created a concept map, or after a notepad where they formulated an answer to a question. You can include the Teacher feedback app by choosing this app from the list of available apps in Go-Lab.


Once you have included the Teacher feedback app in your ILS you can prepare feedback for each student. Go to the “members” section in Graasp, look for “Standalone users” and select the student you like to give feedback.

You will enter this student personal ILS and see it as the student has used it (so the tools and notepads will include the input from the student). Be careful, any changes you make will be saved as if the students made these changes himself, except for the comments you put in the feedback tool.  You now can type in your feedback in the app, which will look like this:

When the student opens the ILS he or she will see your feedback, but cannot edit it. You can place as many Teacher feedback apps in your ILS as you wish.