Encourage students’ reflection capabilities with the Go-Lab Reflection Tool

Reflection is an important cognitive process for students in order to learn from their learning. Through reflection, students analyse what they have done during the learning process. During their reflection, they look back on a specific learning phase (e. g., how successfully they managed to formulate their research question) or their whole learning experience (e. g., what were the most difficult parts of the learning process). Reflection should be planned by the learner in order to achieve a maximum outcome. However, in reality, students in school often fail to plan their reflection. This is mostly because students are not capable of reflecting on their learning without guidance. Therefore it is important to integrate specific scaffolds that guide students towards reflection. This can be done through guiding questions activating the reflection process or prompts reminding students to reflect on a specific learning phase or the whole learning process. Go-Lab offers a tool to support the reflection process, named the Reflection Tool. More information about this tool can be found in this video: http://www.golabz.eu/video/reflection-tool.