Enabling missing “preview” button

When having published an Inquiry Learning Space from Graasp into Golabz, sometimes it can occur that you cannot see the orange buttons "Preview" and "Copy & use this Inquiry Space" under the ILS logo on your ILS page in Golabz.

This problem is usually caused by unstable internet connection during your ILS publishing process. We suggest that you republish this ILS, when your internet connection is improved. If you still have the same issue, please go to your Graasp space, and find and add the user “Golab Team” to your space as an owner. You granted “Golab Team” the “owner” role. Then you could contact a Go-Lab expert to solve this problem for you by emailing support@golabz.eu. Please provide the link of your Graasp space and your Graasp account user name in the email, so that our expert can find your space fast. The Go-Lab team will help you publish your space as soon as possible and come back to you. Please count with several days.

If your ILS in Golabz does not have the orange buttons, users cannot view your ILS in the student view and use it. We strongly recommend you to take the aforementioned actions!