Domain specific tools

Go-Lab tools (or Go-Lab inquiry apps, e.g., the concept mapper, the hypothesis/question scratchpad, the experiment design tool) can offer students pre-defined concepts of the domain. These concepts can be inserted through the configuration option (

) of these tools. This option is available when you use a tool in the authoring environment Graasp, but not in when you use the tool in the stand alone view. When you add the Concept Mapper for example, it offers a few pre-defined concepts like the ones depicted in the tool below. Make sure you adapt these terms to match the domain of your ILS, or delete them all together if you wish.

In this Questioning Scratchpad the building blocks are adapted by the teacher to match the domain of the ILS.

Another option is to not only provide students with pre-defined terms, but to go one step further and offer them partially filled tools. For example you can offer an (incomplete) concept map in the Concept Mapper tool or a set of hypotheses in the Hypothesis Scratchpad. This may help students who are not as yet very proficient in the larger domain and/or experimentation. You can prepare these (partially) filled tools in the authoring environment Graasp. Anything you create in a tool while you are in the authoring view (e.g. a set of hypotheses), will be visible for the students when they start up the ILS.