Add instruction videos about the tools

Though most of our tools are quite intuitive, students do need some explanations how to work with them. Some teachers will choose to give a quick walk-through of an ILS at the beginning of class, explaining all the different tools. Additionally, each tool has a help function and in most ILSs a written instruction is provided. Despite all these efforts, many students still have trouble working with some of the tools. If there are many questions about these type of issues, it will disrupt the work of students.

Include instruction videos about the tools. Go-Lab offers very good short videos that explain exactly how to use a tool on Though these videos are aimed at teachers, they can easily be used in an ILS to benefit your students as well. These videos will display the sequence of tasks just as your students will and are easy to follow.

Implement the video in the ILS and then “set it as hint”. Students can choose to watch the videos or not (by pressing the link in the ILS), depending on their own needs, and can choose to fast forward to the parts that are useful for them.

The students will see the text below.